When I purchased my first Masterbuilt smoker more than 10 years ago, little did I know that I would one day be appointed as a Masterbuilt national brand ambassador.

My interest in this company and its products came from a place of trust. It was my belief in a promise that convenience and confidence can co-exist on the BBQ smoking scene. I watched far too many people fight with fire and tussle with temperature in pursuit of perfectly smoked brisket, ribs, pork butt, chicken, and other foods. I found myself beginning to buy in to the myth that the fight would be mine to take up if I wanted to succeed. That the struggle would never cease. That surrender would be my only play.

But surrender has no place in BBQ (other than those beautiful moments when the meat ultimately surrenders to the smoke, of course) and I wasn’t about to add my voice to the false narrative that BBQ always comes with frustration, pain, and sacrifice.

That’s what drew me to the peace of mind that Masterbuilt offers. The ability to produce an exceptional BBQ experience, fueled by real wood, that yields real smoke, in a way that gives me full control over time and temp. A modern expression of an age-old practice.  So I bought a Masterbuilt Smokehouse, who I named Sally, and she’s faithfully served my family to this very day.

Convenience and confidence, and Sally, for the win.

Most of my BBQ comrades know that my loyalty to this brand has been unyielding ever since. And today, in celebration of BBQ’s tradition and spirit of bringing people together, I’m excited to share that I’ve just been appointed as one of Masterbuilt’s national brand ambassadors.

It will be my honor to represent a company, a community, and a culture that I’ve supported for more than a decade.

It’s true that I’m a regular fixture at BBQ joints across Southern Arizona and beyond. There are many pit masters whose artistry is worthy of celebration. But when I’m home, and when I want a sensational smoke, I know that I can do it and do it well.

Why? Because I have Masterbuilt on my side.