You might be one of those who races out of town when the first sizzle of summer appears, for either a cool fishing hole or beach, but one of the places that gives us all a reason to stay close to home during the heat was the backdrop for this weekend’s show – Kingfisher Bar & Grill!

Phil and Kim Asmundson, Eric Smith, Matt Russell, John Adkisson, and Murph!

Our celebrity co-host was John Adkisson of Iron John’s Brewing Company, who raised a pint with us in celebration of the summer season. He got us current with his line-up as well as some news on his soon-to-be-open second location! We also caught up with Kim Asmundson of Deep Sky Vineyard, who shared her passion for Argentina and how many of her wines are standing symbols of its culture and climate. Kingfisher barman Eric Smith got things shaking and stirring at this point with a look at some fun summertime cocktails.

Fried bunuelos with black beans, corn, zucchini, roasted chiles, avocado crema, and cotija!

Then came Kingfisher’s own Jim “Murph” Murphy, who walked us through the map of this year’s Summer Road Trip (don’t miss the bunuelos from the Southwest menu) along with his plans for Kingfisher’s 25th Anniversary. What a silver celebration!