We in the local food media waited an entire year for this weekend, because it’s the one time every year when we compete against each other on a culinary and cocktail stage while celebrity chefs sit in judgment over us.

Judges Daniel Thomas, Ben Caballero, Travis Peters, and Ben Forbes

This show came to you live from the Second Annual Tucson Food Media BBQ Throw Down (at an undisclosed location, for national security purposes of course!). Joining the round table were members of the On the Menu Live BBQ team (Matt Russell, Scot Litteer, and Brian Thacker), the 520 Eats BBQ Team (Jamie Rice, Chris Cohen, and James Blue), and the Tucson Foodie BBQ team (Adam Lehrman, Jackie Tran, and Melissa Stihl). Judges included Iron Chef Travis Peters (The Parish), Ben Forbes (Forbes Meat Company), Ben Caballero (HUB Restaurant & Ice Creamery), and Daniel Thomas (BIRD Modern Provisions & Bar).

Tucson Foodie’s winning dish. Pan-Asian ribs!




This year’s winner in both the BBQ and cocktail categories was Tucson Foodie!

An epic event to say the least!