The Tucson temps flirted with 110 degrees this week, so we buckled-up for a road trip that took us to a delightfully cool and delicious destination, Mother Road Brewing Company in Flagstaff!

Michael and Alissa Marquess, Matt Russell, and Paul and Laura Moir (Rob Glover and Caleb Schiff had to get back to their respective kitchens to serve their hungry guests!)

Our celebrity co-hosts were Mother Road’s dynamic duo, Michael and Alissa Marquess, who told the story behind their craft brewery and how their community has had an impact on their success. We also heard from Paul Moir of SLO Restaurant Concepts who partnered with the Marquess family on the grand re-opening of the Grand Canyon Cafe! The discussion then turned to cajun and ‘cue with Satchmo’s BBQ manager Rob Glover. Their spicy and smoky story has been a hit among Flagstaffers for years. No visit to the City in the Pines would be complete without a pizza from Pizzicletta, and chef-owner Caleb Schiff sat down with us to talk poetically about the perfect pie. Listen as he makes us melt with a discussion about natural leavening and fermentation! Paul Moir then returned with his wife Laura to get us current with their other local concepts, Brix, Criollo, and Proper Meats. Planning a retreat to Flagstaff? Your palate now has a passport.

Beer, glorious beer!