Boat drinks. Flip flops. Lost shakers of salt. These images were brought to you by the Summer of ’17, and we watched the tide roll away on this live broadcast from our favorite shoreline in town. Fini’s Landing!

Kenny King Kahuna, Matt Russell, Kade Mislinski & Mike Rapp

Our celebrity co-host was local media icon Mike Rapp, host of Tucson Morning News, who got us current with his latest eating and imbibing adventures. We then broke news with restaurateur Kade Mislisnki’s announcement that he’ll be opening a new restaurant next month. The concept is a nod to the old Spaghetti Western, and it’ll be called Classic! Fini’s Landing general manager and chef Kenny King Kahuna then inspired us with his personal picks on the spirits and suds scene, as well as some of his dishes that are trending on the coastal cuisine circuit.

Fini’s calamari with roasted jalapenos, fresh lime, and Chubasco sauce.

We particularly loved the way that the Spicy Senorita cocktail paired with Kenny’s spicy calamari with fresh lime, roasted jalapenos, and Chubasco sauce. See you at the beach!