Two of the things that unquestionably make the world go ’round are burgers and beers, and this week’s broadcast had the world spinning…live from Zinburger!

Matt Russell, Doug Benz, Sarah "Craft Beer Betty" Ritchie & Dennis Arnold

Matt Russell, Doug Benz, Sarah “Craft Beer Betty” Ritchie & Dennis Arnold

Our celebrity co-host this week was Sarah Ritchie (known throughout the community as “Craft Beer Betty”) co-founder of the Tucson chapter of Girls’ Pint Out! Sarah told some sudsy stories on how she got involved in the local beer scene, and shared with us some of her favorites (she likes her stouts “big and boozy!”). Zinburger’s Doug Benz then got us current with the rotating series of craft beers, cocktails and burgers at Zinburger, while Barrio Brewing Co.’s Dennis Arnold talked up some of his seasonal beauties. We finished up the show with a burger and beer roundtable, discussing the menu of two upcoming Zinburger/Barrio Burger & Beer pairing dinners, while sinking our teeth into the Si Senor and El Diablo burgers and panko-crusted onion rings. Burgers + Beers = a match made in heaven.