Ah, the joys of Mac-n-Cheese. Simple, yet profound in its comfort food factors. This week’s show was all about comfort food to the MAX (or shall we say to the MAC) as we were live from The Fix, Arizona’s Mac-n-Cheese headquarters. Celebrity co-host Tom Alfonso, from Alfonso Gourmet Olive Oil and Balsamics, got things started with his suggestions for the perfect olive oil and balsamic for your holiday gift baskets this year. With gourmet olive oil, it’s all about fresh…and Tom’s as fresh as they get! Our featured guest was Amanda Rickel of The Fix, who spoke lovingly about the role that Mac-n-Cheese played in her life growing up, and how we all share that same love today. With more than 15 varieties of Mac-n-Cheese on her menu, there’s a lot to love! We then tasted some of her top-sellers, including the Buffalo Chicken Mac (with a beautiful western New York-inspired spicy sauce), the Garden Mac (with uber-fresh veggies and house-made alfredo sauce) and the HUGE Turkey Bacon Sandwich!