Cuba has been in the news a lot these days, so we decided to head over the capital of Cuban cuisine in Pima County for this week’s show…Cuban Blaze!

Chef Eston Stogner, David Duran, Maritza Monclava-Duran, Matt Russell & Chris DeSimone

Our celebrity co-host was Chris DeSimone, host of Wake Up Tucson, who shared some of his own foodie stories and reflections. We then welcomed Rotarians John Lee and James Mandolini who revealed all the information on the upcoming Tucson Taste of Chocolate. Cuban Blaze owners Maritza Monclava-Duran and David Duran sat down with us as well to introduce their hot new concept that pays tribute to the culinary traditions of Cuba. They also introduced us to their executive chef, Eston Stogner, who shared a little about his own journey and what excites him most about Cuban cuisine.

The Cohiba, a rolled and fried version of the Cuban sandwich! And four come to an order!

We were excited by his ropa vieja and his Cohiba, a traditional Cuban sandwich reimagined as an appetizer, rolled up and fried with a cooling dipping sauce. What a blazin’ broadcast!