Chris DeSimone, Matt Russell, Andrea Wagner, and Stephanie Henderson

Today I launched a nine-week series on Wake Up Tucson, together with host Chris DeSimone, called Mother Road Monday!

Each episode in the series will feature a distinct brew from Mother Road Brewing Company and pair it with a dish from a local restaurant designed to complement its flavor profiles. Mother Road’s crew will be on hand to tell some stories behind their suds along with the local chefs whose dishes will take center stage.

This week it was all about the Tower Station IPA, and Mother Road’s craft consultant Stephanie Henderson showcased the beauty of this wildly popular beer.

Pizza and beer – a natural pairing

We were also joined by Andrea Wagner of Casa Marana who brought in a chicken, Sriracha, and blue cheese pizza that she thought would be a heavenly match for this hoppy brew.

How did they do? Take a listen here to find out!

Tune in every Monday morning in October and November, at 7:00 am, for Mother Road Monday!

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