Now that the ball has officially dropped in Times Square, America’s collective crusade to drop a few pounds has commenced. Or, at least to start being a bit more mindful about what, and how, we eat and drink. We dug into some strategies this week, with the Mediterranean Diet taking center stage, on our live broadcast from Alfonso Gourmet Olive Oil & Balsamics in St. Philip’s Plaza!

Tom Alfonso, Matt Russell & Lisa Strid

Our celebrity co-host was Tom Alfonso himself who revealed many of the health benefits associated with premium olive oils and balsamics, listed some of the local restaurants that carry his products, and shared some ideas for inspired pairings. We also brought Lisa Strid into the conversation, winemaker at Arizona’s own Aridus Wine Co., who walked us through the Aridus story, some of the hottest selections from her portfolio, and her integration of scientific rigor and intuitive leaps of imagination!

The Malvasia Bianca from Aridus Wine Co. was one of the stars on this show!

Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and Arizona wine. Three of our basic food groups!