With a round-trip airline ticket to Lima costing $2,239, why not save a few bucks and head up to the corner of Sunrise and Kolb for the flavors of Peru! That’s what we did in this week’s live broadcast from the patio of Inca’s Peruvian Cuisine. We were joined by celebrity co-host Rita Connelly, Tucson Weekly food writer and Facebook’s The Well Fed Foodie, who ran down her list of things making food news. We also checked in with Lisa Wilkinson of the Tucson Museum of Art for all of the information on this year’s CRUSH Wine, Food and Art Festival. Our featured guest was Fatima Campos of Inca’s. Fatima revealed the ingredients and process of making the perfect Pisco Sour, and treated us to a symphony of flavors from her menu, with the Ceviche Mixto at the very top of the list! We love Pisco, we love Inca’s, and we love Fatima!