This week’s broadcast was the second in a two-part series of shows designed to prepare your palates for our Culinary and Cocktail Cruise of a Lifetime, and we revealed what awaits us in Greece, live from a Tucson taverna that transports your palates to the Hellenic Republic…Pelio Grill!

Lisa Summer, George Markou, Matt Russell & Chris Cohen

Our celebrity co-host was luxury travel specialist with Bon Voyage Travel Lisa Summer, who shared some of what she and her team have planned for us in the Greek Isles. Our resident olive oil authority Tom Alfonso, of Alfonso Gourmet Olive Oil & Balsamics, also joined the conversation with his thoughts on Greek olives and Greek olive oils. We then shifted from oil to ouzo, Greece’s national spirit, when Chris Cohen of Young’s Market Company presided over Ouzo 101. Pelio Grill’s own George Markou sat down with us as well to discuss the regional expressions of Greek cuisine and how his menu is representative of different styles and traditions.

This is what Greece looks and tastes like! A powerful statement of protein on a platter.

The dolmades were a huge hit, as was the protein platter with Greek sausage, chicken, gyro meat, and a selection of spectacular sauces. νόστιμο!