Gangster John Dillinger made headlines in the 1930s by robbing banks and evading law enforcement with his crew, the Dillinger Gang. And we hung out with another Dillinger Gang on this weekend’s show at a place where the stories of crime and craft beer collide…Dillinger Brewing Company!

Eric Sipe, Matt Russell, Kyle Blessinger, David Martin & Aaron Long

Our celebrity co-host was Charro Steak bar man Kyle Blessinger, who offered his perspectives on the local craft brew scene as well as other spirituous news. David Martin of Red Desert BBQ sat down with us as well to talk turkey, literally, and his smoking hot idea for your Thanksgiving bird. Dillinger’s Eric Sipe then announced some breaking news about a commemorative brew that they’re crafting to offer help and hope to those in need during the holidays. Sipe’s business partner Aaron Long also joined the growing party with some stories about Dillinger Brewing Company’s story, concept, and brewing philosophy.

Dillinger takes flight!

He offered a flight as Exhibit A, with four beautiful brews ranging from light and bright to big and boozy.

Channel your inner gangster and get over to Dillinger!