The opening of a new restaurant in Tucson always provides some great things for us to talk about, and this week’s show was a delicious example…live from Pasco Kitchen & Lounge in Main Gate Square. Matt Russell’s celebrity co-host was Kevin Hall, the Tucson Food Dude himself, who talked about some of the places he’s been frequenting these days. Kevin and Matt then kicked off a 4-week series of segments with Meredith Hayes of the Tucson Museum of Art, who had all the information on the annual CRUSH food and wine event. The featured guest was Chef Ramiro Scavo of Pasco Kitchen & Lounge, who wowed us with his culinary artistry (and gave away free smoked lamb to everyone who turned out for the show!). Our favorite item in our tasting?  The Big Boy Burger, with grass-fed beef, braised pork belly, panko-crusted egg, and hollandaise! All of that, plus the Catavinos Wine of the Week.