We arrived at the epicenter of hyper-fresh and tasty for this week’s show…HUB Restaurant & Creamery! Rockin’ this downtown broadcast with us was celebrity co-host Myles Stone of Borderlands Brewing Co., who had just won ‘best specialty beer’ at the Tucson Beer Cup. Matt and Myles caught up with Chef Doug Levy from Feast who had all the details on a dinner he’s hosting to raise money for Sam Hughes Elementary School. Our featured guests were Andrew Record and Kade Mislinski, who got us current with all that’s happening at HUB and Playground (and teased us with what we can expect from their new, soon-to-be-open concept: Lulu’s Shake Shop!) We were treated to some hyper-fresh and tasty items from the Playground menu, including a delicious arugula, melon and prosciutto salad and a mushroom bruschetta with balsamic reduction. And how did we wash it all down? With our new favorite cocktails, the Buckley and the Bookworm!