We were pleased to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Main Gate Square this week, and the good people at O’Hungry’s provided a great venue for this exciting show.  Matt’s celebrity co-host was Kirk Jensen, the Tailgate Titan himself, who discussed the upcoming Centurions party to benefit St. Mary’s Hospital. Matt and Kirk caught up with Rene Acosta of Entourage Transportation Group, who has what we think is the coolest concept around. Had one too many beverages while enjoying an evening out? Call Entourage, and they’ll send a fully insured driver to you on an electric scooter, fold up the scooter, put it in your trunk, and drive you — and your car — home! Incredible. The featured guest was Al Chu of O’Hungry’s, who wowed us with his full and half yards of beer, $5 dinner menu (including country fried steak), and some pretty tasty wings.  All of that, plus the Catavinos Wine of the Week.