This week’s show brought Jerry Heintze back as celebrity co-host for the full hour. Jerry reported on all of the fun things happening at, and announced for the first time his delicious plans for 12-12-12! This will be a big day for Tucson foodies, and you must listen to get all the deets. International cigar industry icon Michael Giannini joined us as well, to discuss what we think is the hottest cigar that has hit the market in years…Foundry Cigars! Inspired by the ‘Steampunk’ movement, these beautiful sticks have so much offer to the cigar novice and sophisticate alike. Matt and Jerry then sat down with the Gourmet Girls themselves, Mary Gibson and Susan Fulton, who challenged every assumption you may have about how delicious gluten-free food can be. We sampled some sensational sweets and sandwiches, and are here to say that we LOVE the Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery & Bistro!