How delicious can a radio show be when you broadcast live from Paradise? That’s right, this week’s show came to you live from Paradise Bakery & Cafe, and how sweet it was! Our celebrity co-host was Scot Litteer of Litteer Films, who is one of Tucson’s experts in the craft beer scene. What suds has he been sipping lately? Listen to his full report. Richelle Litteer joined the conversation as well, and discussed why she loves Paradise…and it has something to do with her work as Senior Development Officer for the UMC Foundation. Looking for an affordable and efficient way to get home safely after your holiday parties and celebrations? Amanda Neri described how things work at Entourage Transportation. Our featured guests were Paradise’s Kristen Newbold and Michelle Goldstein, who brought their own deliciousness to the conversation. We love these ladies! And we love the goodies upon which we feasted: Big Kid Grilled Cheese, Creamy Tomato Soup, Roasted Turkey Harvest Salad, Sonoma Chicken Stew, and the Cuban Chicken Panini!