On our annual Independence Day countdown broadcast, we caught up with two great Americans who brought what we call America’s official sandwich to Tucson, Frankie and Deb Santos of Frankie’s South Philly Cheesesteaks! Deb Santos, Matt Russell & Frankie SantosFrankie and Deb shared some memories of July 4 in their hometowns, and talked about what they thought were essential elements of the celebration from a food and beverage perspective. We also cracked open a bottle of Copper City Bourbon, from Arizona Distilling Company, and discussed what it is about bourbon that makes it America’s pioneering spirit. This particular bourbon was absolutely spectacular! We then feasted on some goodies made by the gifted hands of Frankie and Deb themselves, a standout Italian hoagie and possibly the best potato salad we have ever eaten. God bless the Santos family, and God bless the USA!