My first interview with Laura Reese about the crawl in 2015!

When I interviewed publicist Laura Reese in 2015 about her first annual Tucson Craft Beer Crawl, she revealed her line-up of 14 brewers who were preparing to pour samples of their suds at seven venues in downtown Tucson.

The inaugural event ended up being a sell-out. It’s a reality that has repeated ever since, and the fate of this year’s sixth annual crawl on February 15, with 30 brewers pouring at 12 venues, is starting to show similar signs.

Translation: get your tickets now, because I know how Laura Reese absolutely hates to turn people away.

Your $40 ticket gets you a tasting glass, a wristband, drink tickets, and a map of the participating downtown area venues listing the brewers that each is hosting. You create and commence your own crawl after that.

“We actually don’t encourage people to crawl on their hands and knees,” Reese clarified in our 2015 interview. “They can actually walk from place to place.”

However, when I interviewed her again in advance of the 2016 crawl, she encouraged people to “hop” among the bars. A couple of years later, as she was planning her 2018 event, she suggested that people might like to “bounce” from venue to venue (though I don’t think the Tucson Craft Beer Bounce would have the requisite allure).

Whether you elect to crawl, walk, hop, or bounce, this event will showcase spectacular brews that will await you at every venue. A portion of the proceeds will support the non-profit Watershed Management Group, Rialto Theatre, and Arizona Craft Brewers Foundation, and that should brighten your smile with every sip.

“I’m a huge fan of events that have a strong sense of place,” Reese told me, “like you wouldn’t be able to recreate them in another city. What I love most about the crawl is that in addition to tasting the awesome beers, you can explore downtown Tucson, absorb the streets, take in the architecture, and walk around with your friends and take in the very different designs and aesthetics of the bars.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

You can get all of the details on the February 15 crawl here, including a list of the brewers and venues.