We learned everything we needed to know about distinguishing gourmet olive oil and balsamic vinegar from that stuff you get at the store, during this live broadcast from Alfonso Gourmet Olive Oil & Balsamics. Our celebrity co-host was food writer/editor Edie Jarolim, who talked about some of the food-related stories she has been covering for Tucson Guide and Sunset Magazine. Matt and Edie also caught up with Coralie Satta of Ghini’s French Caffe about all the delicious summer specials available at Tucson Originals restaurants. Our featured guest was Tom Alfonso, who taught us the appropriate way to taste a gourmet olive oil (listen for the slurping sounds!). We also tasted a delightful peach balsamic-infused water, that was the perfect way to beat the Tucson heat. All of that, plus the Catavinos Wine of the Week.