It had been a while since we headed south on the ol’ I-19, and on this weekend’s show we did some sipping and snacking, Sahuarita-style, from Pub 1922!

John Farlow, Chef Gary Hickey, Matt Russell, Sam Gelardi, Barwoman Sara & George Bass

Our celebrity co-host was fellow foodie and PR maven, a man who’s rarely more than a few steps away from a beach or a blender, John Farlow! John talked about his latest food and drink adventures whilst taking down a “Big Boy” chocolate porter. We also checked in with Dale Riggins of Hamilton Distillers, who shared the latest news on her upcoming Del Bac Showdown. Sara the Bar Manager at Pub 1922 sat down with us as well to talk about her line-up of local suds as well as her, gasp, 32-ounce michelada!

Greek salad from the Pub’s new Summer Greek Menu!

We were then joined by Chef Gary Hickey, George Bass, and Sam Gelardi of Pub 1922 for a lively discussion of this pub-forward concept and menu. Our tasting included a super fresh Greek salad from their new Summer Greek Menu, as well as the Ray’s BBQ Burger, magnificent in its monstrosity!