Since tacos and tequila are two of the things that helped to put Tucson on the culinary map, we decided to broadcast this week’s show from the local T & T epicenter…Sir Veza’s Taco Garage at the Tucson Mall! Matt was joined by celebrity co-host Jessica Nenadic of Alliance Beverage, who talked about what was trending on the Tucson summer cocktail scene. She also brought some premium tequilas with her for us to taste (we just love our job!), and were introduced to the deliciousness of the Tanteo Tequila with a jalapeno infusion! Our featured guest was Ray Flores of Sir Veza’s Taco Garage, who discussed how the Sir Veza’s concept has become so popular.  We also had the chance to sample some of the things that have contributed to his success (in addition to his stand-out tacos…24 varieties in all!) such as the Diablo Shrimp Fajitas, the Seared Ahi Salad with Mango and Sriracha, and something called the TPD (listen to the show, it will all make sense!). All of that, plus the CataVinos wine of the week.