Erika Mitnik, Moniqua Lane, Matt Russell, and Chris DeSimone

This week’s edition of Mother Road Monday on KVOI’s Wake Up Tucson once again featured the Tower Station IPA from Mother Road Brewing Company!

As we all sipped, Stephanie Henderson, Mother Road’s craft consultant, spoke about the beer and how well it goes with a variety of foods. She noted it’s the “fruity, hoppy, juicy flavors with a subtle malty backbone” that makes it a winner.

Pretzels and beers to start our day right!

Served alongside the Tower Station was a platter of corn masa pretzels with a house-made whole grain mustard and Tower Station beer cheese sauce prepared by the crew from the Red Light Lounge at the Downtown Clifton Hotel. The hotel’s Moniqua Lane and Erika Mitnik, who joined us at our tasting table, observed…”they look like a pretzel, smell like a pretzel, and taste like a warm tortilla!”

How were they? Take a listen here to find out!

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