This weekend’s show was the second installment of our two-part series on the wisdom of the Mediterranean culinary culture, and we found ourselves at Tucson’s headquarters for Mediterranean street food, Urban Pita!

Freddy Elmesselmani, Jackie Tran, Jeff Baker, Matt Russell, Chef Devon Sanner, Shelby Scheer & Chef Michael Elefante

Our celebrity co-host was Jackie Tran, senior writer for Tucson Foodie, who shared some of his latest observations from the local food scene. We were then joined by Chef Devon Sanner of the Carriage House and Chef Michael Elefante of Mama Louisa’s, who revealed all the details for the series of events around the Savor Food and Wine Festival. We then turned to Mediterranean-inspired beverages with Urban Pita co-owner Jeff Baker, who spoke with great passion about his fruit lassis and Turkish coffee!

The fried falafel balls that we enjoyed on the show!

Co-owner Freddy Elmesselmani joined us as well to discuss the story behind Urban Pita, the spirit of street food, his authentic preparations, and the central role that shawarma plays on his menu! The street secret is out, and it’s Urban Pita!