Yes, it’s March. And yes, we’re in full madness mode. But we came to you live this weekend from our own version of madness against the backdrop of Machu Picchu…Inca’s Peruvian Cuisine!

Luis Campos, Matt Russell, Fatima Campos & Chris Samson

Our celebrity co-host was Chris Samson of 520 Eats, who shared some of his food headlines while walking us through his digital diary of deliciousness. Inca’s general manager Luis Campos then treated us to a round of Pisco Sours as he talked about the cultural and historical significance of this cocktail and other Pisco-based beverages. Inca’s owner Fatima Campos joined the party as well to talk about some of the show-stopping dishes on her menu, the role that live music plays in the Inca’s experience, and some delicious things happening during lunch hour and happy hour!

A selection of show-stopping dishes from the Inca’s menu!

The Campos family then served up some authentic Peruvian cuisine, including the Ceviche Mixto, Lomo Saltada, Papa Rellena, and Aji de Gallina. We just loved these vibrant flavors of the region. Viva Peru!