Svaadisht! That’s the Hindi exclamation after taking a bite of something truly delicious. And we surely heard svaadisht in surround-sound on this live broadcast from New Delhi Palace!

Yatin Parekh, Rita Connelly, Matt Russell & Naval Parekh

Our celebrity co-host was food writer Rita Connelly, the Well-Fed Foodie herself, who got us up to speed on her latest food and beverage headlines as well as news on a new book deal. We then turned to Luke Anable of the Good Oak Bar to learn how he’s been celebrating Arizona Rose Week. New Delhi Palace’s owner Yatin Parekh sat down with us as well to talk about how they imbibe in India, and Exhibit A was a round of Snake Charmers and Bollywood Buzzes! He then told us a tasty story about the regional interpretations of Indian cuisine while walking us through his menu of authentic Indian dishes. We thoroughly enjoyed the tandoori lobster tails and the peshawari lamb chops which were delivered to the table in a pressed copper bucket known as a balti.

Peshawari lamb chops with Indian spices, submerged in a rich and delicious sauce

Get over to New Delhi Palace and shout svaadisht for yourself!