Love was in the air once again on our final broadcast before Valentine’s Day, and we thought Jax Kitchen would be a delicious backdrop. Celebrity co-host Karyn Zoldan of the Circle of Food blog got things started by sharing what’s been keeping her busy on the food and beverage scene. Matt and Karyn then welcomed Paul Schwennesen of Double Check Ranch for some real-life rancher talk about an upcoming pasture dinner. Jax Kitchen’s own Ricky Anderson hit the mics next, with some amazing cocktail stories (his version of the Dark & Stormy was mouth-watering, as was the strawberry-infused vodka cocktail with a chocolate and basil simple syrup!). Our featured guests were owner Brian Metzger and Chef Ginny Wooters (for whom Matt publicly proclaimed his love, by the way). Everything at Jax Kitchen is all about love, including the chicken-fried artichokes and the Jax “Chili” Dog, which has officially taken over the #1 spot on Matt’s Top Dog List!