Continuing our quest for the most delicious margaritas in town, our journey took us to a place that some say has the best…La Fuente! As the mariachis played in the background, we caught up with Carlos Portillo, owner of La Fuente, who had all the information on their Mariachi Idol contest.  We also put their ‘best margarita’ claims to the test by chatting with, and sampling the work of, bartender Mario Rocha. One word, my friends, “yum!” We also had a rare opportunity to sit down with the original owner and founder of La Fuente, John Huerta, who gave us a sense of the restaurant’s unique history. To satisfy our hunger, we also enjoyed some items from the menu, including what we believe is the best Chicken Mole in Tucson. All of that, plus the Catavinos wine of the week.