There’s something about an authentic Wild West saloon that puts a smile on your face, and there were plenty of smiles at this show coming to you live from Chad’s Steakhouse & Saloon! This week’s celebrity co-host was Kirk Jensen, President & CEO of Bridgetown Coffee in Portland, who talked about the necessary elements of the perfect cuppa joe. Matt and Kirk caught up with Tim Burrows, manager of the new Total Wine store that had recently opened in Tucson, who outlined all the exciting things happening at this playground for wine, spirit, and beer enthusiasts. Our featured guest was Chad’s manager Brandon Manherz who took us on a tour of this Wild West steakhouse and saloon. When it came to the tasting, the food told the story best, with Chad’s garden salad, signature ribeye, baby back ribs, and tumbleweeed onion…making the cowboy inside all of us smile.