On this special show dedicated exclusively to heart health, Matt Russell paid tribute to his best friend, Tayo Fichtl, who passed away two years ago this week from a massive heart attack. Matt’s celebrity co-host was Linda Wojtowicz, COO of the Tucson Medical Center and board member with the Tucson chapter of the American Heart Association. Linda gave our listeners a refresher course on the signs and symptoms of heart disease, and what the association is doing to educate the community about it. We were also joined by famed winemaker Daryl Groom, who spoke about his new red wine, Colby Red (www.ColbyRed.com), made and sold to raise money for heart health research. This idea came from his young son with heart disease, Colby, who endured numerous heart surgeries (by the way, the wine is absolutely delicious, and is available at Walgreen’s stores nationwide — funds raised through sales support heart research, so buy a few bottles today!). Our featured guest was Junelle Lupiani, R.D., chief nutritionist from Miraval Resort & Spa, who discussed nutritional influences on health, and some simple steps we can all take to maximize our cardiovascular well being. All of that, plus the Catavinos wine of the week. Rest in peace, our good friend, Tayo Fichtl. This one’s for you.