This show was a celebration of suds for our craft brew loving listeners, and we kicked off Arizona Beer Week in style from a place where crooked is king, the Crooked Tooth Brewing Company!

Gabe Ceniceros, Danny Perez, Matt Russell, Mondo Basurto & Jodee Basurto

Our celebrity co-host was two-time Iron Chef Danny Perez who brought us up to speed on his new gig at Shamrock Foods. We also heard from Allan Conger of 1912 Brewing Company who shared his plans for the upcoming Tucson Craft Beer Crawl. We were then joined by Mondo and Jodee Basurto of Crooked Tooth who told the story behind the concept, the funky name, the brewing philosophy, their flagship brews, and a special Valentine’s Day petition for craft beer enthusiasts that they have aimed straight at the White House.

A flight of beers, which arrived on a skateboard. That’s how it rolls at Crooked Tooth!

We wrapped up with Gabe Ceniceros of the Blacktop Grill food truck who was on hand to feed the Crooked Tooth crowd. His food went quite well with the beers! We had a blast with our new friends from Tucson’s official crooked community!