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Oktoberfest Suds & Sausages

In Germany, the Oktoberfest celebrations actually start in mid-September, so what better time than now to usher in this delicious season where sausages and suds reign supreme…live from Bar Passe!

Travis Peters, Gary Hickey, Mat Cable, Matt Russell, Ben Forbes, Sherwood Alger, Kade Mislinski & Devon Sanner

Our celebrity co-host was one of our brethren in the beer-sphere, Sherwood Alger of Hensley Beverage Company. Sherwood hoisted a stein of Spaten Oktoberfest with us while sharing some fun facts about Old World brews. We also welcomed Devon Sanner of the Carriage House and Gary Hickey of Charro Steak, two of the chefs behind the Gastronomic Union of Tucson, who discussed the group’s plans for a Downtown Whole Hog Block Party. And many of the other chefs involved with the event turned out for this broadcast!

Bar Passe’s local pork bratwurst made with spent grain from Dragoon Brewing Company!

Bar Passe proprietor Kade Mislinski sat down with us as well to talk about his Old World suds and how beautifully they pair with his sausages. We were treated to his Oktoberfest special that featured a local pork bratwurst, German potato salad, and a draft Oktoberfest beer. Prost!


Come Fly With Me

The sky’s the limit when food takes flight and spirits soar, and we spread our wings on this week’s show setting our sights on the southern table-inspired BIRD Modern Provisions & Bar!

Maudi Gourdin-Schultz and her warriors, Matt Russell, Chef Daniel Thomas, Brandon Katz, Chris Squires & Stephen Ott

Our celebrity co-host was co-founder and general manager of Ten Fifty-Five Brewing Company, Chris Squires. He gave us a tease on his new, soon-to-be-announced location in downtown Tucson, while talking about some local craft brews that have been grabbing his attention. We also checked in with Maudi Gourdin-Schultz of Wild Garlic Grill, who shared some news on her restaurant’s upcoming relocation to the Foothills. BIRD bar manager Stephen Ott sat down with us as well to talk about his southern and whiskey-forward cocktail menu, showcasing the Tucson Julep as one of the stars of the show.

Fried chicken and waffles. Enough said.

Then BIRD founder Brandon Katz and Executive Chef Daniel Thomas arrived to present the concept and cuisine of this southern-style eatery. We rolled up our sleeves for some seriously good chicken and waffles, collard greens, fried green tomatoes, and creamy grits. Fly over to BIRD!



East End

We went back downtown this weekend to scope out some hot culinary and cocktail news, and our sights were set on the anchor of downtown Tucson’s historic east end, Maynard’s Market & Kitchen!

Ralph Avella, Matt Russell, Chef Brian Smith, Michael Luria & Todd Hanley

Our celebrity co-host was fellow foodie and executive director of the Children’s Museum Tucson, Michael Luria. Michael had some delicious things to share about his recent visit to Europe, as well as some news on his upcoming dinner to benefit the Bald Beauties Project. We were also joined by Danielle Filo-Jones of the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance, who prepared our palates for the upcoming Salsa, Tequila, and Taco Challenge. And then the drinks arrived, as did Maynard’s manager Ralph Avella, who unveiled his new line-up of Sunday brunch libations. These are some fresh twists on classic cocktails. Maynard’s Chef Brian Smith also joined the party with thoughts on his first year at Maynard’s, his recent visit to Parma, some upcoming wine dinners, and teases on a few of his dishes. Try the stuffed trout!

Rainbow trout stuffed with fennel, leeks, and white onion, with an heirloom tomato risotto and a marcona almond and green olive salsa

Maynard’s proprietor Todd Hanley wrapped up the show with news on Grapes to Glass, an October celebration of local wine and art. Meet you at Maynard’s!


Heritage @ Hacienda

It’s been part of our heritage for nearly 90 years here in Southern Arizona, and this show came to you live from these heritage headquarters as we celebrated the story of this desert oasis…the Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort!

Chef Bruce Yim, John Kulikowski, Matt Russell & Jessica Nenadic

Our celebrity co-host was Jessica Nenadic, director of events and development at the Tucson Museum of Art, who shared the latest news from the museum and how art connects with life, food, and beverages. We also checked in with Regan Jasper, vice president of beverage at Fox Restaurant Concepts, who talked about his love of Rose wines and a special Rose Wine Dinner happening at Wildflower.

Barrel-aged Manhattan anyone?

All this talk about spirituous beverages got us pretty thirsty, and the Hacienda’s director of wine and spirits, John Kulikowksi, poured us some barrel-aged Manhattans as we discussed the heritage side of the beverage story. Chef Bruce Yim swung by as well to tell us everything we needed to know about the Heritage Foods Festival at the Hacienda on September 3, a must-not-miss event for foodies across the west!




Rib-Cast 2017

Summer in Tucson means a few of our favorite things…BBQ ribs, craft beer, and hand-crafted ice cream, and our annual summer salute to these beauties came to you live this weekend from BrushFire BBQ Co.!

Jared Wren, Matt Russell, Bill Harman & Alan Zeman

Joining us as celebrity co-host, as he does for each one of our annual rib-casts, was the Z-man himself, Alan Zeman, who walked us through his action-packed summer. We also caught up with Randy Kennedy of the Nugget Casino Resort in Nevada, who shared the latest news on his upcoming Nugget Rib Cook-Off! Then we shifted to a delicious dialogue on suds and smoke, with BrushFire’s own Jared Wren and Bill Harman.

Saucy, sexy & succulent…ribs!

Craft beer and ‘cue go great together, and we got some credentialed perspectives on pairings while we took down some of BrushFire’s righteous ribs and a spectrum of sauces. All of that and some news from the pit and their hand-crafted ice creamery made this one BBQ boom of a show!