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Next show: June 16, a rebroadcast of a recent show

Join us on June 16 at 5:00 pm for a rebroadcast of an earlier show!


Gin is in Again!

Gin is in again! And what better time to celebrate the beauty of the botanicals than on World Gin Day at 47 Scott!

Travis Reese, Donald Gipson, Matt Russell, Tiffany Eldredge, and Rebecca Crane

Our celebrity co-host was soulstress of style and purveyor of spirituousness at Young’s Market Company Tiffany Eldredge, who walked us through some gin history alongside her cocktail comrade Rebecca Crane. We also sat down with 47 Scott bar manager Donald Gipson, who showcased the kinds of gin-anchored cocktails that were trending behind his downtown bar. We enjoyed sipping on a couple of examples that he shook up for us; the Basil Cucumber Gimlet and the Last Word. 47 Scott owner Travis Reese stopped by as well to share his own stories about gin while getting us current with some of his dishes that are making news this season.

Celebrating World Gin Day with a Basil Cucumber Gimlet!

The flavors of summer took center stage on our tasting, featuring some righteous crab cakes, a gorgeous heirloom tomato salad, a mustard-crusted salmon with beet puree, and a duck confit meatloaf with cheesy greens. So much fun at Tucson’s original downtown neighborhood bistro!


Going Fishing

You might be one of those who races out of town when the first sizzle of summer appears, for either a cool fishing hole or beach, but one of the places that gives us all a reason to stay close to home during the heat was the backdrop for this weekend’s show – Kingfisher Bar & Grill!

Phil and Kim Asmundson, Eric Smith, Matt Russell, John Adkisson, and Murph!

Our celebrity co-host was John Adkisson of Iron John’s Brewing Company, who raised a pint with us in celebration of the summer season. He got us current with his line-up as well as some news on his soon-to-be-open second location! We also caught up with Kim Asmundson of Deep Sky Vineyard, who shared her passion for Argentina and how many of her wines are standing symbols of its culture and climate. Kingfisher barman Eric Smith got things shaking and stirring at this point with a look at some fun summertime cocktails.

Fried bunuelos with black beans, corn, zucchini, roasted chiles, avocado crema, and cotija!

Then came Kingfisher’s own Jim “Murph” Murphy, who walked us through the map of this year’s Summer Road Trip (don’t miss the bunuelos from the Southwest menu) along with his plans for Kingfisher’s 25th Anniversary. What a silver celebration!


Food Media BBQ Throw Down II

We in the local food media waited an entire year for this weekend, because it’s the one time every year when we compete against each other on a culinary and cocktail stage while celebrity chefs sit in judgment over us.

Judges Daniel Thomas, Ben Caballero, Travis Peters, and Ben Forbes

This show came to you live from the Second Annual Tucson Food Media BBQ Throw Down (at an undisclosed location, for national security purposes of course!). Joining the round table were members of the On the Menu Live BBQ team (Matt Russell, Scot Litteer, and Brian Thacker), the 520 Eats BBQ Team (Jamie Rice, Chris Cohen, and James Blue), and the Tucson Foodie BBQ team (Adam Lehrman, Jackie Tran, and Melissa Stihl). Judges included Iron Chef Travis Peters (The Parish), Ben Forbes (Forbes Meat Company), Ben Caballero (HUB Restaurant & Ice Creamery), and Daniel Thomas (BIRD Modern Provisions & Bar).

Tucson Foodie’s winning dish. Pan-Asian ribs!




This year’s winner in both the BBQ and cocktail categories was Tucson Foodie!

An epic event to say the least!


World Whiskey Day

We celebrated World Whiskey Day with great enthusiasm on this weekend’s show, and the backdrop was a new tasting room in downtown Tucson that showcases, serves, and sells spirits and cocktails exclusively from Arizona-based distilleries – Series 19!

Chris Dudding, Melinda Dickinson, Matt Russell, Matt Montgomery, Caity Evans & Kente Escandon

Our celebrity co-host was a true Wonder Woman of Whiskey, Melinda Dickinson of Hensley Beverage Company, who shared what she’s been grooving on these days. We also sat down with Caity Evans of Local First Arizona and Tucson Originals who revealed the latest information on the upcoming Whiskey and Smoke event. Keeping the whiskey theme going, we welcomed Matt Montgomery and Chris Dudding of Three Wells Distilling Company, the boys behind Series 19, for some sipping and chatting about their new downtown digs.

The Series 19 Old Fashioned!

And when Series 19 bar manager Tyler Dunn showed up with cocktails, well, it took the show to new heights. Let your spirits soar at Series 19!