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Next show: February 24, live from the Horseshoe Grill

Join us on February 24 at 5:00 pm for our live Rodeo Week broadcast from the Horseshoe Grill!


Let the Crawling Commence

Downtown Tucson was swarming with craft beer enthusiasts this weekend during the annual Tucson Craft Beer Crawl, and we found ourselves in the middle of the swarm on this live broadcast from the Crawl’s after-party at Tap and Bottle!

Amjaad Jhan, the Classy Alcoholic, Matt Russell, Rebecca Safford, Evan Luthye & Burke the Beer Man

Our celebrity co-host was the nameless, the faceless, the Classy Alcoholic, who shared his observations and highlights from the Crawl. We also checked in with Burke the Beer Man from Huss Brewing Company, who detailed the latest from his Tempe taproom, as well as Evan Luthye of Mother Road Brewing Company, who broke some exciting news about their latest project! Scott and Rebecca Safford of Tap and Bottle then broke away from the paparazzi to catch us up on the latest happs at their community center for craft beer and wine loyalists. They also took us on an Arizona Beer Flight, featuring some spectacular suds from Huss and Mother Road.

Follow that truck!

We wrapped things up with Amjaad Jhan, of the Curry Pot food truck, who talked about Sri Lankan cuisine and how well it pairs with craft brews. Yay beer!


Soul of the Swan

Graceful. Elegant. Poetic. Pure. These are some of the words that are often used to describe the swan, and this week’s broadcast came to you live from the place that bears its name, El Cisne!

Phil Ferranti, Matt Russell, Rita Connelly & George Ferranti

Our celebrity co-host was Rita Connelly, the Well-Fed Foodie herself, who shared some fun stories from her new book, Historic Restaurants of Tucson. Tony Williams of BlackRock Brewers also joined us to chat a bit about the upcoming Tucson Craft Beer Crawl and how he’s preparing for this epic event. El Cisne’s own George Ferranti then sat down with us to talk tequila, which is always the topic of conversation at El Cisne’s Black Swan Tequila Bar, as well as his plans for Valentine’s Day!

Tequilas y mezcales. Si!

Senor Phil Ferranti then walked us through El Cisne’s menu, a tribute to the delicious regions of Mexico; the Northern Region, the Tropical South, and the Baja Coast. The swan has a soul, and its name is El Cisne!


Get Some Pete On Your Palate

So, who exactly is this guy Pete, and what is it about humanity, individuality, relationships, and connections that all come together to form the bedrock of his restaurants’ success? We got to the bottom of this story on this weekend’s live broadcast from the patio of Illegal Pete’s in Main Gate Square!

Ashton O’Donnell, Andrew Stadler, Matt Russell & Laura Reese

Our celebrity co-host was Laura Reese of Storyteller Public Relations, who revealed some of the local food and beverage stories that grabbed her attention lately. She also discussed all the news for the upcoming Tucson Craft Beer Crawl! Then the cocktailing began with Illegal Pete’s assistant general manager Ashton O’Donnell, who shared some stories about what’s trending behind Pete’s bar, including a selection of margaritas and other colorful cocktails.

A sampling of Illegal Pete’s cuisine, with beer-battered fish tacos, three-cap carnitas burrito, and grilled steak nachos – hungry yet?

We then turned to El Menu with Illegal Pete’s kitchen general manager Andrew Stadler, who told the fun, fresh, and fascinating story about their cuisine. Exhibits A, B, and C were the grilled steak nachos, beer-battered fish tacos, and the three-cap carnitas burrito that we sampled. Si, por favor!


Mediterranean Mix, Part 2

This weekend’s show was the second installment of our two-part series on the wisdom of the Mediterranean culinary culture, and we found ourselves at Tucson’s headquarters for Mediterranean street food, Urban Pita!

Freddy Elmesselmani, Jackie Tran, Jeff Baker, Matt Russell, Chef Devon Sanner, Shelby Scheer & Chef Michael Elefante

Our celebrity co-host was Jackie Tran, senior writer for Tucson Foodie, who shared some of his latest observations from the local food scene. We were then joined by Chef Devon Sanner of the Carriage House and Chef Michael Elefante of Mama Louisa’s, who revealed all the details for the series of events around the Savor Food and Wine Festival. We then turned to Mediterranean-inspired beverages with Urban Pita co-owner Jeff Baker, who spoke with great passion about his fruit lassis and Turkish coffee!

The fried falafel balls that we enjoyed on the show!

Co-owner Freddy Elmesselmani joined us as well to discuss the story behind Urban Pita, the spirit of street food, his authentic preparations, and the central role that shawarma plays on his menu! The street secret is out, and it’s Urban Pita!